Mary Sheridan

All about Ms. Mary Sheridan…or as much as you would want to share.

Use this space to write about yourself, your world view, your business advenures, or anything you want. I included the anonymous testimonials below to quote others on your writing. You could include photos from your various travels. You could link to your personal FB or LinkedIn accounts.

Comments on Mary’s Writing

“I feel like she is sitting across the table talking to me. I identify so much with reactions to what she is seeing and feeling.”

“Wonderful!  I feel like I was with you!”

“Beautiful. Both the land you describe and your writing.”

“This is absolutely beautiful!!!  What an adventuress!!!”

“How very beautiful, Mary! The hope you send: there IS a big world out there.”

“I’ve had such fun reading your very descriptive blogs about places I love & places I’ve never been!”

“I am absolutely amazed by you.  Beyond just having the courage — and curiosity — and passion to travel on your own, your ability to SHARE your experiences with others is really exceptional.  You are a wonderful writer and have an incredible eye for detail.  Your description of your experiences had the perfect balance of personal reactions and objective observations and facts.  I loved it.  In fact, not only did it make me feel like I was there, but in many instances, it made me wish I was there (or, in some cases glad that I wasn’t!)”

“I’ve been enraptured by your South American tales!”