How We Make Our Cheese

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Here’s how we turn soil, sunlight and grass into milk, and then into our delicious farmhouse cheeses.

[one_half] It all begins with our herd of beautiful Jersey cows who produce flavorful milk for our cheese. Making cheese is a blend of art and science with a dose of intuition. It is physically demanding, but always miraculous. Cheese typically follows a simple outline but can vary dramatically in the process, depending on the type being made. Although cultures and other ingredients can be added to the milk, the physical handing of the milk, curds, and finished cheese determines the finished product.[/one_half][one_half_last]Cheese is an age old way of preserving milk through turning lactose into lactic acid (usually by cultures–the good bacteria), controlling the moisture content (stirring, heating), and adding salt as a preservative. We monitor the PH of the product throughout the cheese make and keep records for ourselves and for our inspectors from the Department of Agriculture.[/one_half_last]