Get involved

There are so many pressing issues and concerns facing women and girls right now, and YOU can make a difference.  It is in your own self-interest to be informed and become involved. Here are some things you can do help shape our common future.

Stay informed

  • Visit this site and other NOW websites:
    National NOW
    North Carolina NOW
  • Follow us on Facebook for articles of state and national interest. ‘Like’ us to stay up to date and in touch!
  • Attend our meetings.
  • Help us communicate with you (email, newsletter, facebook and websites) to provide you with the latest Legislative Updates.

Reach out

  • Share articles on your social media.
  • Write letters to the editor for your local paper.  Many, many people read them.
  • Talk to friends and family.


Come to our events, rallies, protests, and demonstrations.  Get energized and motivated.  Meet new friends with shared interests.

Join and donate

Become a a member of NC NOW or send a donation. (Here is a PDF form, in case you like to take care of things when you see them!)